Meet the Artist

Native to Austin, TX, Aj Brooker is a 23 y.o. self- taught watercolor artist. Fluidity is a central influence for both her artwork and her life. Aj pulls inspiration from everything she can. Natural textures, her bisexuality, and her use of mapping programs in engineering school have guided her style the most.

Aj’s work captures the fluidity of the female form through large-scale topographical watercolor portraits. Aj developed her unique watercolor technique live painting alongside a community of street artists. She creates smooth, luminous skin, overlaid with a black ink mapping of her subject’s contours and bone structure.

Aj also experiments with writing and often includes a short story or poem as an optional guide into a deeper layer of energy within each piece.


Live painting in Houston for a Cirque Noir event

Painting mural at Polis Creative

Painting a mural at Polis Creative

Working on "Hallowed Be Thy Flame"

Working on "Hallowed Be Thy Flame"